The Purpose Of This Call Is To Get A deeper understanding On Your Goals And What You'll Need As Everyone Is Different And Requires A Specific Level Of Coaching. 

Please allow 45 minutes for our call. Only pick a time where you can give 100% of your attention.
Below are a few of the hundreds of clients that were once in your shoes...

Brooke Mallosa - 68lbs of fat lost

I can honestly say that working with Josh was one of the best decisions of my life. At first I wasn't sure as there's so much garbage out there but he taught me how to eat and train for long term success and I couldn't be happier with the results. 

Katie Mcnair - 56lbs of fat lost

Josh has a very practical and sustainable approach to training and nutrition which helped me to develop life-long habits and keep the fat off for good. He also made things really fun and was always super engaging which helped keep me accountable.   

Mike Verall - 48lbs of fat lost

Highly recommend Josh to anyone looking for a one-stop shop. He actually teaches you everything he knows rather than just providing what works which is hard to find a coach these days. I don't think I'll need a coach again, at least not for a long time! Thanks heaps bud!

Rebecca Anaji - 62lbs of fat lost

WOW WOW WOW. All I will say is this, If you're thinking about working with Josh, DO IT. It changed my life forever.  

Darren - 11lbs of fat lost

I came to Josh with the idea that I wanted to get to a crazy 7% BF and was never able to get below 10%. Josh and the team got me to 6.7% BF and I've honestly never felt better! 5 Stars!!

Katrina Ross - 22lbs fat lost

Josh is very passionate about the results and 100% focused on your goals, I recommend him to anyone that's looking for serious change.  

Teena Gold - 71lbs of fat lost

Josh has absolutely changed my life. I haven't felt this good in over 20 YEARS! Highly recommend him and his team! 

Hannah Swanson - 48lbs of fat lost

The level of programming, accountability and support is unmatched like anything else I've ever tried. Thank you for changing my body and life! 

Rebecca Olson - 142lbs of fat lost

I personally suffer from PCOS and before signing up with Josh I had tried almost everything and nothing worked. He tailored everything around my body, goal and lifestyle. I honestly couldn't recommend him enough. 

Patrick Gensch- 21lbs of fat lost

I've always found it hard to lose my belly fat but we discovered that the keto diet works extremely well with my body type & lifestyle. That paired with the fat burning workouts enabled me to lose over 20lbs in only 8 weeks.

Matt Charnley  - 22lbs fat lost

I didn't think I'd be taking my top off this summer but thanks to Josh and the team I'll be able to hit the beach with my kids after all! Can't remember the time I had a 6 pack, thanks Josh!

Melissa Griffins- 31lbs of fat lost

I was very skeptical before signing up but josh assured me he could get me to my goal and we actually went beyond the target weight which I didn't think was possible. Happy camper over here! 

Chelsea C  - 20lbs fat lost

Extremely practical programming, we smashed my goal in only 8 weeks and I could still eat the foods I love and go out with my friends on the weekend.

Max Key- 11lbs of fat lost 

In only 8 weeks Josh got me beach body ready and looking the leanest and feeling the strongest I've been in my life. I even managed to pack on 6lbs of muscle mass while getting shredded.



Sarah Harris  - 19lbs fat lost

Josh realized very quickly that my  body responded better to a low carb approach and after checking with the doctors he was right. Blood sugar levels were elevated  and turned out I was insulin resistant and had PCOS so making this small change made a huge difference! He really knows his stuff! 

Alex Brown- 26lbs of fat lost

When I first saw josh, I was completely unmotivated, out of shape and had felt like crap. Not only did we lose 26lbs of fat but we put on 14lbs of muscle and I'm feeling the best I ever have!

Amy C - 32lbs fat lost

I have a completely different outlook on training, nutrition and life in general after working with Josh. He taught me exactly how to train and eat and showed me just how simple it was. I'm finally back to the weight I was in high school and couldn't be happier.

Olivia Bailey- 21lbs of fat lost

I tried everything there was and nothing worked so I finally took the plunge in getting a coach and my only regret was not reaching out to Josh sooner!

Ange Mason - 94lbs fat lost

If you're anything like me and tried EVERYTHING under the sun to lose weight, take my word for it, Josh really knows his stuff and he genuinely changed my life. This experience was worth every penny and I honestly cannot recommend Josh and his team enough. 

Rhiannon - 26lbs of fat lost

To be honest, I'm such a skeptic but given that I was protected with a money back guarantee, it was a no brainer. Josh and the team got me in shape before my trip to the islands and the second I'm back I'm getting back into with them again! 5 stars!! 

Jacob - 36lbs fat lost

This entire process was so simple and Josh is an amazing guy who genuinely cares about you. The 24/7 check-ins from him and his team  allowed me to stay accountable to my goals and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Cassie- 14lbs of fat lost

The limitless warrior team helped me get my confidence back which I haven't felt in YEARS! Huge thank you to Josh and the team for everything!! Highly recommend this to anyone that's on the fence. You won't regret it!

Todd S - 15lbs fat lost

I can honestly say that I never believed that I could still have a life outside of training and eating well, but Limitless Warrior taught me how I can still have a social life and enjoy delicious food all whilst dropping bodyfat and building muscle. 

Matt D - 23lbs of fat lost

I didn't believe this would work for me when first starting with Josh and the limitless team but I had seen so many success stories and heard such great things I gave myself 8 weeks and this was the result! I've now decided to do another 8 weeks with them to get this final weight off for good! Highly recommend! 

Please allow 45 minutes for our call. Only pick a time where you can give 100% of your attention.